New Patient Information


If this is your first time going to a chiropractor, please watch the video, or ask us during your visit so you will have a better understanding of your recommended treatment plan.

Your First Visit will Consist of:

Initial Consultation Examination
During your initial exam, the Dr. Green will check your vital signs (blood pressure/pulse/respiration), measure your range of motion, and perform an orthopedic/neurological evaluations. These tests will allow him to properly evaluate your condition.

X-rays will be taken of the area of pain/discomfort.  Dr. Green will them review them to determine any underlying problems.  You will be able to see your x-rays to view any misalignments, whiplash injuries, bone spurs, arthritis, disc degeneration/narrowing, etc.

(If you have x-rays or an MRI taken within the past 6 months, please bring them with you).

Report of Finding
Once the doctors have reviewed your history, symptoms, and x-rays, they will go over a suggested treatment plan.

Most patients are treated the 1st day.

Treatment may consist of:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • E-Stim
  • Massage therapy and/or trigger point therapy
  • Taping
  • Stretching

What to Expect:

  • The 1st visit will take between 50-90 minutes
  • 2nd+ visits 15-20 minutes


Our office is in network with Medicare and most Insurance companies. (We are not in network with Medicaid or HIP at this time).  We do work with auto insurance carriers. 

*Please note that we do bill your insurance as a courtesy and will verify benefits as they are explained to us.  To assist, please contact your insurance member services and ask them about your chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy benefits.  Thank you.

What to Bring:

  • X-rays or MRI within past 6 months
  • Auto Injury - Auto injury claim number, adjustor information, attorney information
  • Insurance card
  • Drivers License