Monthly Specials

PRF/PRP joint injections

PRF Joint / Triggerpoint Injections for pain & regeneration

  • PRF uses your stem cells to regenerate tissue - $300 per area (knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, trigger points)

New Patient - Self Pay

$160 New Patients

  • Includes:Consult, X-rays, Exam & Adjustment

FREE Spinal Decompression or Neurological Relief Test

Free consult & 15-20 minute compatibility test.  Requires new patient appointment/paperwork + health history.

Microneedling rejuvenation treatment.

Regenerating Microneedling Hydrating or Vampire PRF Facial

  • Microneedling Face- $150
  • Microneedling Neck & Chest - $300
  • Microneedling Face with Platet-Rich-Fibrin (Vampire Facial) - $350 (save $150)

Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy used to treat and improve skin texture, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, pore size, sun spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.

***One treatment per person
Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar Body Scrub - $20 add-on to any massage

Brown sugar has smaller particles which makes it a gentle body exfoliator to scrub away dead skin cells and make way for the healthier, glowing skin.

Rejuvenating Holiday Facial Treatments

  • Champagne & Caviar Spa Facial - $75 - This hydrating and brightening facial will make your face glow!
  • Hydrafacial - $125 - Exfoliate, cleanse, extract, hydrate.
  • TCA 35% Chemical Peel - $150 - Mid to deep peel exfoliates dry skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkle, lightens hyperpigmenation, leaving skin smooth and glowing.
  • PRX-T33 - 3 for $600 (save $150) - TCA 33% bio-rejuvenation facial without the peel and downtime.
  • Add Retinol for additional exfoliating - $20
  • Add dermaplane $30
Botox Crows Feet Eyes

Ultimate Eye Treatment - Dermal filler + PRF + Botox - $725

  • Crows Feet + Under Eye Volume Loss Treatment
  • Includes: 1/2 syringe of versa, 1/2 syringe of Platelet-Rich-Plasma + 14 units of Botox.

Botox Nefertiti Neck Lift - $350*

The Nefertiti neck lift is a technique which uses Botox along the lower jawline, as well as down the side of the neck along the platysma band muscles to improve the definition of the jawline, and provide ‘lifting’ in the neck and jaw area.

*Depending upon laxity of skin and platsyma bands, more units of Botox may be require and/or recommended lifting with PDO threads.

Botox with Nurse Alexis

  • 20 units: $199
  • 30 units: $299
Versa Dermal Filler

Versa Dermal Filler + Mini Lip Plump - $900

  • Includes: 2 syringes of versa (2.4ml) to use for nasolabial folds, cheeks, deep lines, wrinkles, jaw line, and/or or temples + mini lip plump.
  • Cannot be used for under eye volume loss.  Must be used during same session.

PRX-T33 - 3 for $600.00. A skincare treatment with results you've never seen before!

The PRX-T33 is a new bio-revitalization treatment for face, neck, chest, hands, or body - brightening/tightening/sun/age spot treatment with no downtime;  giving immediately visible results.  Deep TCA peel without the peel.

All skin types, including dark skin!

  • Face & neck: 3 for $600.00 (save $150)
  • Hands - 1 treatment $150; series of 3: $400
  • Face, neck and décolletage - $450 per treatment